Welcome! I try to post articles that discuss a broad range of topics: data science, physics, complex systems, music, etc.

You see, as a writer, it is important to write and exercise writing muscles. Write something bad, recognize where you made mistakes. Write it better. Next time make less mistakes. Compartmentalize writing into different key muscle groups. Isolate specific writing muscles to work on. But writing good stories is not just about writing. Think about long-distance runners, do they just run all the time? Probably not. Usain Bolt also goes to the gym, and does static exercises. He probably spends a good deal of time learning from previous runners - maybe reading books or watching videos.

Writing these posts is a consolidation of learning. There are 3 steps I follow: 1) Learning 2) Consolidating 3) Writing. Ideally this is a feedback loop, where I learn, and improve. This is my goal - not to gain a certain number of followers. But to learn things that are useful for others, and being able to communicate what I have learnt in a format that is palatable. Ideally, folks are extremely critical of what I write and anything else that I create, and in addressing these issues I learn to create better, and thus make better content that serves you, my dear reader - better.


Raga Bhairavi in Carnatic Music

3 minute read

There are a total of 72 whole scales (also called Melakarta Ragas) in Indian Carnatic classical music, as I’ve gone through in a previous blog. In this artic...

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Rich Dad/Poor Dad

5 minute read

I was pleasantly surprised this financial best seller emphasizes the mindset of creating value for the life you want, rather than running after money. Kiyosa...

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