I’m a Senior Data Scientist in the Risk Intelligence team at OnSolve where we develop AI based algorithms for rapidly detecting critical emergencies through big data. I’m also an Assistant Research Scholar at the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to that, I was an assistant professor of physics at Georgia Gwinnett College, and a post-doctoral fellow at Georgia Tech , where I studied the impacts of large-scale vehicular hacks on transportation networks. I received my PhD in physics at Emory University.

Currently, my interests are in applying data science techniques for early-detection of critical events and studying cyber-physical vulnerabilities across complex networks. Our research work has been published across multiple scientific journals and broadcasted by news outlets such as BBC and Forbes. I’m also a scientific content creator. I regularly write blogs at the interface of complex systems, and data science for the social good in Medium. I’ve made an open-acess textbook to teach non-science majors science through examples of everyday phenomena. If you are interested in collaborating, shoot me an email skanda.vivek@gmail.com!