Notes for theme and Customization


Contains site navigational links through a Jekyll data file.


To better organize all of your pages you can centralize them into a single location similar to posts and collections.

Step 1: Start by placing pages (.md or .html files) into a _pages directory. Meaningfully naming files should be the goal. Avoid patterns like /about/ as it makes distinguishing between multiple files harder.

sample-project └── _pages/ ├── # custom 404 page ├── # about page └── # contact page

Step 2: Include pages to be sure Jekyll “sees” and processes the files inside of _pages. Add include: [“_pages”] to _config.yml.

Step 3: Assign permalink overrides in the YAML Front Matter of each.


filename permalink

_pages/ permalink: /about/

_pages/ permalink: /

_pages/ permalink: /contact/

Posts: front matter in /pages/

Tags: front matter in /pages/

sidebar and other omnipresent features _config.yml


bundle exec jekyll serve

runs at: